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Queues gone....League Rally!

sideadde, Nov 12, 11 7:47 PM.
We've lost a few members to the F2P and ensuing queue-times and lagging raids and PVPing.  Last night there were enough members on to raid with only 1 pugger.  IMHO, it was fun bs-ing and playing together, pretty much what I liked the best about being in this league.

Twisted wants members to please sign up for days and times when you would like to raid so we can try to arrange a time for everyone to be online.  Go to the members forum and sign up. Create posts.  Do what you have to, to help us organize.

Hope to see you all post!



Dyne, Oct 19, 11 11:40 AM.
I will be running an FOS 2 run Friday night 12 am eastern. Be on if you want to participate. We will be conducting the runs Saturday and Sunday if your not able to make it.

Roster Issues

Dyne, Oct 17, 11 1:33 PM.
Make sure you guys make your characters on the rosters accurate. We are going to set up raids ONLY for FOS 2 for the next reset. Make sure to check the site Tuesday night for more details.

Skill Points and Gear

Dyne, Sep 26, 11 10:14 AM.
Wussup guys, I'm going to Open up a page in the Members Forum sections regarding skills points and gear. Here I would like for everyone to give the amount of skill points they have and the Gear they're currently wearing. Also from now on please come and check the site once a day to see what is going on regarding the league. FOS raids will now be scheduled through the raid calender. 


Dyne, Sep 13, 11 9:39 AM.
We are going to adjust the ranking system sometimes this week. This will represent the group able to do FOS and Mentor a stance/power.
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